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Publisher Grants For Works Promoting Latvia’s Cultural Heritage and History in English

Tender for publishers

OPEN CALL: The Latvian Publishers’ Association, together with the Latvian Writers’ Union and the International Writers’ and Translators’ House has announced a grant competition program supporting the publishing of books in English that promote Latvia’s culture, identity and values. The winning publications will be part of the Latvian exposition at the 2018 London Book Fair, during which the countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia will be the fair’s Market Focus countries.

We invite publishers with publications possessing high-quality content and artistic and print design that have already been recently published in Latvian, or have not yet been published either in Latvian or English.

The topics can vary, ranging from popular science or scientific publications about Latvia’s cultural heritage to works on Latvia’s history, its culture, values, and identity. The purpose of the books shall be to promote the values of Latvian culture and have this information accessible to readers of English.

The projects that receive financial support through the program are be completed by December 2017.

The deadline for applications is 3 June, 2016 (23:59 East European time).