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Latvian Publishers' Association (LPA) was founded in 1993. At the moment it has 35 members professional publishers producing approximately half of all titles published in Latvia and 50 per cent of total yearly print-run.

LPA is established with aim

  • to stimulate the development of publishing in Latvia, 

  • to represent and lobby interests of publishers in the state institutions,

  • to create and maintain the positive attitude regarding books in the Latvian society

  • to organize seminars, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and other events as well as

  • to support the international activities of its members.

Until 1998 LPA was the only institution in Latvia dealing not only with publishing problems, but with all topics related to books. Only in 1999 the special state official responsible for books was assigned for work in the Ministry of Culture.

One of the most important tasks of LPA is to achieve positive changes in legislation regarding taxation of books. LPA started this work just after foundation, appealing to government institutions to their taxation policy of books. The first ?price easement? took place on 1994, when first published works of Latvian authors, textbooks, science books and books for children got zero rated VAT. Then the production costs of these subject groups got the same ?zero? rate in 1995.  Year 2001 had come with the next good news: publishers should pay VAT only when the book is actually sold, not when it is printed, as it was before. LPA still stands for the further steps demanding the introduction of  ?zero-rated? VAT on all subject groups to make books cheaper and available for more readers. Discussions with government and legislators continue. LPA acts on behalf of all Latvian publishers every time it becomes involved into a dialogue with such bodies as parliamentary commissions, Ministry of Culture, Latvian Booksellers? Association, Latvian Writers? Union, etc.

LPA organizes the annual competition of book design. The event The Best Designed Book of a Year which takes place every January since 1993 has grown remarkably and become important event rising the prestige of books, stimulating professional achievements of publishers and getting high acclaim within the society. (For more information, go to Events).

With aim to activate publishing processes in all three Baltic states, the first Baltic Book Fair (BBF) was organized in 1995. When by principle of rotation the BBF came to Riga in 1997, the interest of visitors was so huge, that the tradition of Riga Book Fair was established and it is held annually in spring to celebrate the World Book Day.

The other event that becomes more and more important, is the annual exhibition Book held every March in Kipsala Exhibition Center.

International activities form a very important part of LPA work. LPA hosts the common Latvian Publishers Stand in Frankfurt Book Fair every October, it has represented our book business in several other book fairs, like Leipzig, Jerusalem, Warsaw etc. 

LPA has close cooperation with mass media covering cultural activities in Latvia. There are weekly reports on new publications about books on Latvian Radio, and so on.
  Baznīcas iela 37 - 3, Rīga, LV 1010, Latvia
Phone/fax.: (+371) 67217730
E-mail: marika@gramatizdeveji.lv


President of Latvian Publishers Association: Renāte Punka
Tel. (+371) 67 367497
Mob. (+371) 29283274
Fax: (+371) 67 370922
E-mail: renate.punka

Vice president:  Skaidrīte Naumova, publisher "Madris"


LPA Board members:

1.. Janis Leja,"Avots"
2. Skaidrite Naumova,  "Madris"

3. Alīse Nīgale ("Liels un mazs")
4. Renāte Punka, publisher Jānis Roze
Vija Kilbloka, "Zvaigzne ABC"
6. Ingrīda Segliņa,  "Zinātne"
7. Dace Sparāne-Freimane, "Dienas Grāmata"

Executive Director of LPA: Marika Celma