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There was such a time

Ilmars Knagis

Ilmārs Knaģis (b.1926) is one of the founders of the Latvian
organization of repressed people and of the “Children of Siberia”
foundation. Since 1987, he has organized expeditions aimed at
identifying and studying places to which Latvians were deported, as
well as restoring and installing memorials at various places of
settlement. In honour of his efforts to preserve these memories, he
received the Latvian Order of Three Stars in 1996. He has also
received the badge of honour which has been presented to defenders
of the barricades that were set up in early 1991 in defense of strategic
objects against the possibility of Soviet attack.

“There was a Time” is the story of two deportations, but also about
the very recent past.

"Our nation suffered a terrible destiny in the 20th century. Alien,
hostile powers, foreign wars and revolutions – these scattered
hundreds of thousands of Latvians across the whole wide world. It
happened to nearly all of my schoolmates, childhood friends and
relatives. They are in England, Australia, in the United States and
Germany, in Canada and New Zealand. Quite a few are buried in the
swamps of Volkhov or under the sand dunes of Kurzemes here at
home. Some died in the Russian and German death camps.
Entire families were scattered all around the world, mine included. My
grandfather, Dāvis Knaģis, perished as a refugee in Russia in 1920.
My grandmother, Minna Knaģis, died while a refugee in Germany in
1945. My father, Emīls Knaģis, perished at a Russian death camp in
Vyatlag in 1941. His brothes, Alberts Knaģis, died in exile in England.
I dedicated this book to their memory".
Ilmārs Knaģis

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IzdevniecībaSibīrijas bērni
Izdošanas gads2009
Iesējumscietie vāki
TulkotājsMirdza Eglītis
Lappušu skaits443

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